Sponsorship Opportunities

DBnB Race Team is looking for your support! Going fast and looking good, isn’t cheap. Your sponsorship will help the team not only get from race to race, but keep the car on track with parts, safety equipment, fuel, tires and plenty of style. We can offer premium placement of your logo, on our vehicle as well as offer our online marketing campaign. We will be documenting the testing, tuning, maintenance, every race, and any other event we attend. This will be done through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. We will also be running all posts and events through Doug’s Buggs and Bunnies existing online presence.



  • Wrap the car with your logo: sponsor to provide final artwork, DBNB Racing to pay for the car wrap and have final say on placement/overall look
  • Include your logo on our race suits (5"x3" max.)
  • Mentions/logo on all social media posts
  • Car displayed at event of your choosing: up to 8 hours, local events only (unless the sponsor is willing to pay for transport), date subject to final approval by DBNB Racing



  • Premium logo placement on both doors (30"x16" max.)
  • Logo on race suites (5"x3" max.)
  • Mentions/logo on all social media posts



  • Logo on rear quarter panels or both front fenders (8"x6" max.) or
    single on the roof above the back window (10"x10" max.)
  • Mentions/logo on all social media posts

Friends & Family


  • Family name placement on car (3"x2" max.)


We will be running the 2024 EMPI Triple Crown Races

Let’s Do This!

Rebecca Fisher