About DBNB Racing

The DBNB Racing Origin Story

What is Class 11?

In short, Class 11 is the most grueling of all off-road race vehicles as they are stock Volkswagen Beetles with modifications limited to safety, reinforcement, and ground clearance. They may also be the most beloved off-road race vehicles out there.

DBnB Race Team is putting the pedal to the metal in 2022! We are looking to place and race Class 11 in the EMPI Triple crown series, the M.O.R.E Fab Five Series and at Crandon Wisconsin’s short course race!

Our moto is “Drive fast, take risks” and that is just what you will see us do!

DBnB Race Team was inspired by a group of friends, we call “framily” (friend-family) that like to go fast and have fun while doing it. We were looking for something we could do outside with our kids, something to inspire them to think outside the Xbox. We had been off-roading as a group for years and Fish’s first true love is drag racing. So, we combined our love for off-roading, vast knowledge of Volkswagens, affinity to race, Daniel with his lead foot and Fish with years of VW wrenching/building experience. Bada Bing, Bada Boom – DBnB Race team was born.

The mainstays of the team, Daniel Boswell, well known VW enthusiast – master fabricator/car builder. Daniel hand built a VW Baja that is unparalleled with plenty of turbo power and, suspension to withhold the high geared beast, this two-seater, open air car will knock your socks off! Don’t worry it is our chase vehicle, you will see it in the pits (not on the trail). Steven “Fish” Fisher, a VW shop owner and master engine builder, has been turning wrenches and building Volkswagens since the 90’s. His main forte is engine building. He builds 40-50 motors annually, as well as oversees the day-to-day operations of Doug’s Buggs and Bunnies.

DBnB Race Team is looking for your support! Going fast and looking good, isn’t cheap. Your sponsorship will help the team not only get from race to race, but keep the car on track with parts, safety equipment, fuel, tires and plenty of style. We can offer premium placement of your logo, on our vehicle as well as offer our online marketing campaign. We will be documenting the testing, tuning, maintenance, every race, and any other event we attend. This will be done through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. We will also be running all posts and events through Doug’s Buggs and Bunnies existing online presence.

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